Christian Community Church



May 25, 2012

Dear Church,

"You also, as living stones, are built up a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ. "., I Peter 2:5

Our Father's House Christian Community Church was organized May 25, 1994 in Harland Meissner's garage with 66 members on the roll. All that first summer and until the end of October we met in the loft of a barn. When it finally got too cold, we moved into the gym at the elementary school in Chili. We worshipped in the gym for the next seven years and became quite good at tearing down church every Sunday and leaving the place looking like we'd never been there, storing much of our things in a small shed outside the gym.  During those times, we held regular Bible studies and other meetings in individual's homes. When we finally moved into the first part of the present building, WE REJOICED!!  Our Father's House finally had a HOME! Adding the new sanctuary in 2006 was icing on the cake. We thank God for the grace He gave to build such a beautiful building. We will do our best to put the building to good use for the glory of God. However, we remind you all, that the true Church is not the building, but the people that worship there. You are living stones that are part of the true Our Father's House within which the Heavenly Father chooses to dwell. Many have found their place as living stones in this 'spiritual house. Others are still waiting to find their place. Still others are just being added to the spiritual building project. Our Lord is a master living stone cutter. It can be a bit uncomfortable to have our comers cut so that we fit in with the other stones. . Plus we have to be patient as other living stones are put in place beside us. The whole spiritual house must be plumb and level. Remember, you are the Church! The Church is not the physical building but you, the living breathing stone: In order to be built to bring our Master glory, we need to be in fellowship on Sunday. morning and active all through the week. Lord Jesus, please oversee the construction!

Keep building us!

Love in Jesus
Pastor Ron